14 February 2013

It's Working

If a picture is worth 1000 words, Tuffy’s latest photo essay put her 17,000 words ahead of me, blog-wise, so I guess I’d better get cracking. Not that we’re competitive or anything.

Nothing much going on around here lately, as far as I know. Not that anyone would tell me if there was.

I’ve been using some really cool online utilities to tidy up my family history database, a long-term project which is both extremely tedious, and very satisfying, in an OCD kind of way. And last weekend Scarecrow helped me scan some of the documents my brother unearthed in my mom and dad’s house, so I finally get to look at them. A few answers, and a lot of new questions.

I saw the video the library put together from the stuff they recorded the other day. It’s not as horrible as I had feared. Scarecrow looks presentable, and the whippets are pretty darned cute.

1 comment:

  1. Tuffy took some interesting photos. it is always fun to see someones perspective of an area I have never visited other than online and in books.

    GEDCOM sure looks thorough in checking validity and documentation of collected family data. Now I will confess after spending way to long trying to remember how to spell thorough I have forgotten what else I had to say!

    So, I will close with the Whippets are always cute LOL and I am glad you know you did not come off looking a "total moron" as you feared in the video. I suspect you you shined.