19 August 2011

Maybe It Was a Day like Today

I don't know who these people are — the photo is just labeled "Paiement family." "Mount Royal Park, Aug 1908" is written on the front. Although the Paiements I've been stalking had left Montréal for Michigan by this time, becoming Payments in the process, they still had plenty of kin in the Montréal area. Mount Royal Park was probably a nice place to spend a summer afternoon.

I don't know anything else about this picture, and I don't really care if I can figure out who's in it (although I'll probably try, just for grins). It just makes me happy to look at it.


  1. I have visions of you out ghost hunting again. Name changes are interesting. many on my paternal Grandmothers side were altered as they signed into Ellis Island.

    My Maternal Grandmother's maiden name's spelling was changed near the end of the Civil War when two brothers had a falling out.

    Interesting stuff.

  2. I've loved old photos since back when I was young and would go through boxes of them with my grandparents and document on the back of them.

    Later at UW, I worked on two large digitization projects of historical photos. Depending on the supervisor and the sub-section of the project, we often included unidentified subjects.

    I liked to ponder, and still do...did their lives turn out remotely like they thought?... hey, look at that spirited / angry / whatever face -- wonder what that was about?... and, of course, how did they keep their white dresses so clean and neat when they were picnicing outside?

    By the way, I think the gal who is second from left was a wild character. Not sure how that would have been expressed back but...

  3. I have old family photos like that. I LOVE THEM! =)