02 April 2011

Gloria's Books and Adult Day Care Center

Yesterday Scarecrow started his new job at Gloria's Books and Adult Day Care Center. It's exactly like his previous job at Bob's Books and Adult Day Care Center, except it's more than twice as far away, in the other direction. Bob even works at the new place. It was just like they never left. Bob even wiped out an entire database, and threw away the backup tapes. Just like a normal day at Bob's Books. (Bob is the sweetest man you could imagine, but he belongs in a home for the technologically impaired.)

Just like the bizarre arrangement we developed at Bob's Books, I went in to work with Scarecrow. He helped me with lunch and bathroom breaks, as necessary. Elsewise, I just tried to stay out of the way.

I'm embarrassed at the lengths to which Gloria has gone to find a spot for me. She had obviously given it a lot of thought, and offered me a couple of choices. Choices! I'm happy to be allowed to sit in a corner, out of the way, and you're giving me choices? After a tour of the facility, we decided I would take up residence in a big empty room waaaaaaaaaaay at the other end of the (really big) warehouse. It's a veritable crip suite, as it's right across from an accessible bathroom, with nobody much else around. I heard a couple of people talking, but didn't see anyone else all day. I certainly don't feel like I'm under foot. There are no feet to be under. Feet under which to be. Whatever. I hooked up to the wireless 'net, and we're good to go. How cool is that?

My new hangout is, as I said, a big room with no windows, a warehouse-high ceiling, and concrete warehouse floor. It's warehouse temperature, which this time of year is still pretty brisk. It feels kind of like a bunker. Gloria brought in a rug for the concrete warehouse floor. Seriously. I can't believe this.

I wish I could still use binoculars. The warehouse backs up to a wetland, and I bet there are some good birds out there.

So, that's it. Who knew there were two book distributors in the greater Seattle area that would let an employee bring a disabled partner to work? Well I guess, as an old friend of mine used to say, 'You don't ask, you don't get.' We're in.


  1. Wow how cool is that? Well sounds darn way cool to me!

    I think I would hook a wireless web cam up out back and watch the wildlife on the computer - no windows needed. Or since only one good eye here a telescope LOL . ...

    Seriously, what a great group of peeps to hang out around.


  2. Zoom,

    I'm really happy to hear about your amazing set-up. Could you bring in a plug-in heater for your cold bunker? I know they draw a fair amount of electricity but in a warehouse that would likely be neglible.

    Anyway, good news -- especially the internet and restroom.


  3. I'm so happy that this job came along. It sounds as if Gloria will be a pleasant person for you. Good luck to you and Scarecrow!

  4. This is great! The more things change, the more they stay the same. Trite saying, but in this case, true

  5. That's amazing! I'm surprised they didn't try to recruit you to their facility!
    That's probably our next big hurdle. What are we gonna do when my husband has to go back to work.


  6. This is the most extraordinary of situations! Do you two have any idea how unique it is? Were you inspired by another or are you pioneers?

    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick