01 October 2010

Bareit's Busy Day

Jasmine is not really all that fond of squeaky toys. Nylabones are OK. Dental chewies are nice. Scarecrow's knitting bag, however, is irresistible.

This is what we found when we came home the other day:

Bareit was obviously involved in this escapade. He likes to take his toys outside. Through the dining room...

Into the kitchen...

Through the kitchen to the utility room...

Through the utility room...

Out the (narrow) dog door...

Around the corner...

And out into the yard.

Note to whippets: if you want Scarecrow to finish your new sweaters before the weather gets cold, you'll want to stop doing this, even if he forgets to put his knitting bag were you can't reach it. Assuming there is such a place.


  1. Oh thank you for giving me a really good laugh today. I needed this. :)

  2. Well, Bareit really is a dog who was bred to cover the distance. No lolly-gagging around and gnawing on a chew-toy.

  3. Oh geeeeee......so funny and cute!!!!!!

  4. Lisa's laughing. I am laughing. The question is, is Scarecrow laughing?

    Is Bareit all satisfied with himself and tuckered out tonight? Dogs - gotta love them.

  5. Oh gosh I so needed a good laugh! Awesome now back to my crappy mood - oh heck I think I will look at the pictures again and laugh some more instead.

  6. hahahahaha, wouldn't make a good spy. hahahahha