09 September 2010

Weenie Whippet

The other morning I was lying in bed, trying to pretend it wasn't morning yet. Scarecrow, having fed the dogs and started the coffee, had progressed to the bathroom phase of his morning routine.

Suddenly, from the other end of the house I heard a prolonged, agonized SCREEEEAMM!! followed by chesty, I Am a Very Big Dog!!-sounding barking.


Scarecrow obviously didn't hear it, couldn't hear me, and there wasn't a darn thing I could do about it besides imagine a rat... or a squirrel... no, an opossum... no, maybe a raccoon! coming through the dog door. I have a very active imagination, but none of the things I was imagining would be good. Scarecrow was still in the bathroom.

Presently, everything was quiet. Jasmine trotted down the hall and jumped on the bed. No sign of copious blood loss. I know Bareit was in his crate, so unless our local vermin are very determined and exceptionally talented, he was OK.


I never realized how long Scarecrow spends in the bathroom in the morning.

Anyway, when he finally came out, I told him what I had heard and suggested he might want to go down and check it out.

He found a mouse in the kitchen sink. Munched.

Apparently Jaz encountered the mouse in the course of her usual morning inspection of the kitchen counter. The mouse, being outweighed some 300 to 1, got the worst of it, but didn't go down without a fight. I'm pretty sure it wasn't the mouse I heard screaming. It was our weenie whippet.

So far, the effectiveness of various mouse eradication systems we have implemented stack up as follows:
  • kitchen trash can     4 (that I know of)
  • mousetrap              1
  • whippet                 1
If we were to award a score for drama, however, the whippet would definitely win. it's a good thing she's cute.


  1. Don't complain, Stardust, our cat being a sharing hunter brings voles, and mice she captures outside in through the cat window to finish killing on top of me. Imagine waking up to that.

    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

  2. Way too funny! Every now and then when in bed and I hear a noise I can't identify, I wonder if something other than Jake used the cat door. But I can go investigate.

    The behavior of fear covered by bravado of our animals is always interesting to watch. A slightly less obvious pattern is employed by peeps, in my opinion.

    Glad all is well.

  3. So funny! When I hear the doggy door go slap when Catfish and Annie are in I always wonder Oh my gosh what has come in? Catfish will take a rat on - don't ask how I know that one ;) and Annie will chase anything willing to run or fly.

    I can go check on what it was but I am a chicken and do not want to know!

    Weenie whippet is very cute.

  4. Hi. Just came across your blog; thanks for sharing. I really like your writing style.


  5. Oh Weenie is soooooo cute!!!!! =) =)

  6. hahahaha, too funny. I had a sit down talk with my cat once about the bringing me mice. She brought them IN. (daed) I told that while I appreciate the gesture, a simple hug in the morning is sufficient. My bad, when mice grew in the house, cat just sat and watched them. I still don't get it--was the rodent screaming or a karate grab from dog pushed out the appropriate "I-EEE"? What an adorable dog.