05 April 2010

Sugar Buzz

Occasionally I find myself starting a blog post just to see what's on my mind. The obvious risk in doing this is that I will find that there is, in fact, absolutely nothing on my mind. I might revisit the events of the last couple of days. Nothin' there. I review what might be coming up in the next couple of days. Nope, nothing there, either. Books read? Movies watched? News? Weather? No help. It is possible, although unlikely, that I won't even have anything to whine about. There may not be anything on my mind at all. It may be totally empty. It could happen.

More likely I'm so preoccupied with the trivialities of my insignificant day-to-day existence that the problem is not that there's nothing on my mind, but that there is a lot of stuff on my mind, none of which is very interesting. Scarecrow needs to ship the camera I sold on eBay. We need to stop by the vet's to pick up a refill for Ernie's meds. I need to encourage (read: nag) Tuffy to follow up on her efforts to secure gainful employment for the summer. I still need to implement a plan for emergency/respite care. Wonder if there are any good sales on Easter candy? Sometimes I bore even myself.

I wonder if we really finished all those jellybeans?


  1. Zoom, I always look forward to your posts. Even the "empty-calorie" ones.

  2. Jellybeans - they were hidden at my folks the other day by my father LOL favorites of his not to be munched by others!

    Ok so my mind is blank right now - what can I say? But I wanted to leave a comment.

  3. You guys crack me up! And I'm in awe of your ability to come up with a comment on a post that doesn't say anything. Maybe I need another fistful of jellybeans.