22 January 2010

Our Weekend Project

Last weekend, Scarecrow and Tuffy finally emptied out the self-storage space we've been renting during the remodel-that-wouldn't-die, and moved everything that was in it back into the house. That's one more expense we won't have every month, and I'm ecstatic about that.

Of course, since we've managed to get along without this stuff for almost a year, you've got to wonder how bad we really need it. And if we don't really need it, wouldn't it have made more sense to get rid of it before we paid to store it for a year? Yeah, well, OK, next time for sure.

In order to clear out the storage shed, we took a perfectly usable, newly remodeled office and turned it into an indoor garage.
This is not actually a picture of the mess we've made of the new office. It's actually an unretouched picture of my dad's garage. In fact, it's an unretouched picture of part of my dad's garage, although the whole thing looks pretty much like this. As does our office. (I would like to believe the disease that causes this condition has no heritable component, but I fear it does.)

Our project for this weekend is to start going through all this stuff and either put it away, or throw it away. If there's no place to put it, it's out of here. This time, I really mean it. We need to at least start with a place that doesn't look like a landfill.

Fortunately or not, we have enough experience with our slovenly habits to realize that the office, once it's in use, won't look whole lot better than it does now. Even the threat of an avalanche of papers and books roaring out of the office and engulfing the rest of the house probably won't motivate us to become tidy people. And on our disability budget, the only cleaning that will get done will be the cleaning we do ourselves.

Good thing we've got doors.


  1. Oh, a picture of our garage growing up on your blog -- how did you get that?! I tend to be on the other end of the spectrum -- regularly getting rid of things and then wondering what ever happened to my xxx. Oh yeah.

    Good luck sorting through the wheat and chaff.

  2. Love the door. I am a thrower awayer and never buyer. Luckily, so is my partner. We don't like stuff and things. That garage? I'd have it cleaned out in a day. When my unclean mom moved out and I was left in the apt. we shared, I hired a DUMP TRUCK to haul away all the JUNK. Yes, they even had to SHOVEL some rooms out. Get drunk and just go for it!

  3. Doggies - in fall 2008, I rented a dumpster, took a week off from work, and completely filled it. It was such a freeing feeling to get rid of that stuff.

    Oh, and when I was laid off all too briefly in 2002, I made oodles of dough on eBay selling stuff that had no use around the house any longer. Maybe you can generate some small income from the accumulated stuff.