25 February 2014

Just so You Know

The only way you can write the truth is to assume that what you set down will never be read. Not by any other person, and not even by yourself at some later date.

– Margaret Atwood
   The Blind Assassin
I haven't gone anyplace, and I haven't given up on this blog. Or my other one, for that matter. I just made the mistake of going back and reading some of the stuff I wrote. I should know better. Really. By now, I should know better.

I'll get over it. Eventually.

Just so you know.

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes I go back and read something I wrote and it's not only ok, I actually like it. However, there are those other times when I wish the writings would evaporate to the ethers. Not sure but I think it's the part of me that wants to be cooler than I am... not that I admit to caring about that sort of thing :0